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Authentic Colombian Food Products from Su Sabor

Colombian food is known for its rich and flavorful dishes. Colombian cuisine includes a wide variety of different flavors, such as sweet, spicy, salty, and sour. Tasty Colombian food is also known for its many different traditional recipes such as bandeja paisa (meat, fried egg, fried sweet plantains, rice, pork meat, and ground beef), empanadas (meat-filled pastries), and patacones (fried green plantains). Colombian cuisine has been influenced by Spanish colonization, African slaves, and indigenous peoples who inhabited the region before the Spanish arrived. 

Su Sabor is a Colombian food product brand that wants to bring the taste of Colombia’s culture and cuisine into North American homes. Our goal, make products available for anyone who can’t travel or doesn’t have access to restaurants with yummy dishes from their home country; even if they live in places without many Latin-inspired eateries nearby! Su Sabor has lots of different offerings so you’ll never get bored – all these foods are hard to find anywhere else but now it’s conveniently priced while giving excellent customer service across the US.


Colombian food, one of the best cuisines in South America 

Our Colombian cuisine varies regionally and has been passed down through generations of Colombian families, making it one of the richest cuisines in Latin America. Our company’s mission is to satisfy the needs of our customers with high-quality Colombian amazing food at affordable prices. We bring to you our top seller Colombian products available right now on our website! 


Guava Sweets 

  • Veleño 

Delicious guava paste wrapped in leaf 100% natural.

  • Lonja de guayaba 

Delicious guava paste bar produced with the highest quality in slices.

  • Galletín 

A delicious cookie stuffed with guava.

  • Super tumes 

Delicious caramel and guava Mix.


Sweet Products

  • Solteritas 

Delicious sweet wafers with cream inside. 

  • Brevas

Delicious figs stuffed with white caramel.

  • Chontaduro 

Delicious palm fruit From the best crops directly from Colombia.


Cane Products 

  • Panelin 

Small sugar cane produced with dehydrated sugar cane juice

  • Panela 8 caras 

Mini Round sugar cane produced with dehydrated sugar cane.



  • Natilla con arequipe

Caramel flavored mix ready to prepare corn starch custard.

  • Buñuelos 

Mix ready to prepare doughnut.

  • Empanadas 

Mix Ready to make empanadas.

  • Rosquillas

Delicious and crunchy cassava snacks.

  • Platanito verde 

Naturally delicious green plantain chips.


Frozen Products 

  • Morcilla Colombiana 

Black sausage with Colombian traditional flavor.

  • Chorizo Colombiano 

Pork sausage with Colombian traditional flavor.

  • Butifarra 

Delicious cured pork sausage with traditional Colombian flavor.

  • Arepas de maíz

White corn cake 100% corn


Why buy typical Colombian food in Su Sabor? 

Colombian food is a unique blend of ingredients and flavors that will bring you the Colombian experience. Colombian cuisine uses products such as corn, rice, yuca (cassava), plantain, beans, Colombian meat, and seafood among others to make delicious dishes like arepas de choclo con queso or sancocho soup. Our Colombian products are the perfect supply for any authentic Colombian restaurant looking out to prepare the best Colombian food dishes in Florida. We offer the best quality products at the best price. The best Colombian food is the perfect experience for you and your family!

You can find Colombian products you’ve never seen before in Su Sabor. We have the best Colombian food, like guava sweets and cane sugar products for sale among other things. If there is a particular product you are looking for but don’t see it here, please let us know and we will do everything possible to get it at your door as quickly as possible. Reach out now if you’re interested in buying some of these great Colombian groceries today!