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Colombian Blood Sausage: What You Need to Know

The blood sausage is a traditional Colombian dish that has been part of our culture for centuries. The blood sausage is different from the traditional European sausage we all know because it’s usually spicier due to the ingredients like garlic or cumin powder, and sometimes they add hot sauce to give that spicy taste back. This food generates a lot of questions about how healthy it is, how they make it in Colombia, what can I cook to eat with this blood sausage product, etc… In this blog post, we will explore what kind of questions people usually have about Colombian blood sausage and answer them so there’s no confusion about it anymore. We’ll also show you how delicious Colombian food can be when paired with your favorite dishes!

What is morcilla (blood sausage)?

Popularly known in Colombia as Morcilla, is a type of sausage that has been made from cooked pork blood or cow blood in some cases. It’s usually a mixture of pork fat, and also contains other ingredients to increase its volume. It’s usually cooked in the oven, toasted or fried. 

What is blood sausage made of? 

Making sausages is not usually very different from one variety to another, but blood sausage requires a special process because it’s made with fresh pork blood (hence the name blood pudding) and meat. The process to make blood sausage is relatively simple and consists of having already cooked the ingredients that are going into it. Ingredients may vary depending on where you eat it, Colombian variation of blood sausage mixture includes pork fat mixed with rice or breadcrumbs to make up for what’s missing when you don’t use beef suet as your base; salt and onion often gets added too along with some spices like pepper and onion. All these things come together in one cohesive whole so everyone can enjoy this dish at their next shindig!

How to cook blood sausage 

There are black puddings that can be prepared by frying them, but most of the time they’re cooked in water or broth. The latter gives it a unique taste besides being able to use your freshly made soup as a pasta sauce! It may take some practice for you to not break apart any pieces while cooking though sometimes this dish will fall apart if we don’t watch closely enough.

The cooking time of the blood sausage can vary if you boil it, bake it, or even microwave it. Setting a specific temperature for your appliance will allow more customization in how quickly and thoroughly this delicious treat is cooked – perfect whether you’re making fewer servings, so everyone gets their fill! The usual method takes about 20 minutes, but some people have found success with reducing that down to 10-15minutes with microwaves on high power settings (just be sure not to start any metal containers inside).

Frozen blood sausage can be cooked in the oven to keep its shape and flavor. If you boil frozen black puddings, they will lose all their characteristic flavor and even their color! To cook them just put some water on as soon as possible or else they might start melting from being warmed up too much before cutting into thick slices so that way when preheating your oven at maximum temperature while heating then takes out your tray full of oiled paper towels ready for use later if need-be; When done cooking have someone watch over these because once removed, they’re delicate.

Place blood sausages on a tray in order without piling them up and then wait for 5 minutes so they can heat evenly before placing into the oven – when time has passed turn over each slice with care as this will leave less messy cleanup later on; cook another 5 more minutes until done! Once cooked, remove immediately out of the heat source otherwise juice starts leaking.

Benefits of eating blood sausage 

The properties of black pudding may vary a little depending on the type of ingredients with which it is prepared, however, in general terms, it maintains an average composition. There’s been some research done to find out just what makes this dish so unique and delicious! In general terms, it maintains an average composition. In 100grs there are 3 grams of carbohydrates, 1350 mg monounsaturated fats, and 2.5g polyunsaturated; 11 gr protein per serving as well as 55 g water making them high in nutrients including those that provide vitamin A. It’s also rich in vitamins such as B1, B2 & E along with minerals like calcium phosphorus magnesium iron potassium, and zinc. 

Where to buy blood sausage in the US 

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The Colombian blood sausage (morcilla) is a popular and delicious dish that you can find in the country. It has many benefits for your health because of its high content of iron and protein. You can buy morcilla easily at our website or in the supermarkets where we have the honor to sell our products in Florida. We hope this article helped answer any questions about what exactly this dish is!