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Colombian gastronomy

A trip through the taste of Colombia

Wheter you long for its unique flavors or want to learn more about Colombia, you should understand the emotional impact that every Colombian dish can deliver to your taste buds. The homemade preparations made by mothers and grandmothers are something extraordinary. That is then where we have to talk about Colombian gastronomy, which is full of memories and feelings tied to the pleasure of eating. In Colombia, the cuisine is an active factor in social interaction between friends and family, as cooking is the legacy for generations to come.

Regions of Colombia

Colombia is a country rich in natural resources. Thanks to the different climates, you can find everything from fruit trees and coffee fields. Our next point about the food-the base for many traditional dishes comes directly from fresh ingredients; some local culture adds even more variety giving them an authentic flavor profile typically only found here!

Typical dishes of the country

Colombia has a surprisingly large number of dishes that can represent what its culture and cuisine are all about. Whether you’re looking for hearty, savory food or something sweet to end your meal on this side-of-the world there will be an option available!

Learn from its history

Colombia’s rich and diverse culture is on full display in its cuisine. Before the arrival of Spain, this territory was home to hundreds of ethnic groups with distinct gastronomic customs. Before that time, some indigenous peoples valued corn and tomatoes and enjoyed a variety of food options.

After the conquest, the food of Colombia merged with the ingredients and gastronomic customs of the different waves of immigration. From there arises the richness and diversity when it comes to cooking and reinventing typical dishes. We find, for example, Spanish, Lebanese, and Venezuelan influences, etc.