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Do not lose your traditions, even if you are far from home

Have you been feeling a little bit homesick? Do you miss your family and friends? Do you think of home when you are away from it? If so, Su Sabor wants to help you feel closer to those who matter the most to you. That’s the real purpose behind this company, to make sure even though you are far from home your heart and belly still remember those happy moments you have lived. There is no happier moment than when you sit on the table and start eating the traditional Colombian plates. Moving to another country is one of the hardest situations that someone can experience. Although in this one you learn a lot and experience new and beautiful opportunities, it is normal to miss the smell of home, the flavors of your native land and of course, the people around you.

In Su Sabor we want to create a space where you can connect with everything you miss and get it at the best price. That is why all our products are designed especially for you. They are designed for those who want to feel again the magic of memories and the happiness that they bring in our days. Make your stay in USA more enjoyable by eating delicious latino food

Don’t forget about the snacks 

From the Su Sabor family, we want to show that all your meals are equally as important and delicious. The consumption of snacks is an important part of our diet because it can help us manage hunger and appetite. It also keeps the digestive system active, which means you’ll have fewer cravings for junk food later on!

The snacks are as relevant as your breakfasts, lunches and dinners and that is why our  snacks will be adjusted to your needs and will remind you of the warmth of home. Imagine transporting yourself home with a single bite. You can take them to work, trips, picnics, among others and continue with the family tradition.

Our options for you to carefully choose the perfect snacks for you:

1. Green Plantain Chips: There is nothing like a bite into a crunchy green plantain chip while watching movies and recalling those moments that made you so happy.

2. Yuca Bread Snacks: You can eat it alone or mix it with butter and it will be the perfect snack for those work afternoons.

3. Cassava Snacks: Fill your nose with happiness with the aroma of a cassava snack with a hot chocolate or a coffee. The warm glow of all these scents warms the body and soul on a cold day.

We make sure to include snacks in our partner stores, because we know how much they mean to you. You can take them anywhere and remember the feeling of family with every bite.

Wafers with Caramel Spread  from Su Sabor: A trip back in time 

Su Sabor is the perfect place to obtain delicious and nostalgic Colombian food products. An example of them are the incredible Wafers With Caramel Spread, a snack that will help you never forget the taste of home. It is really impossible to think of a happy moment of childhood in which a Wafer with caramel Spread was not present. Over the years, we tend to let our inner child get lost and with it, all those sensations that fill life with joy. Remember how food made you not only begin to connect with these wonderful moments from your past but also share them with your family. Traditions are to be inherited, teach your children what your favorite snacks were. I assure you they will love them.


In many countries Sunday is a day for families to get together and enjoy the simple things in life. Whether it’s sharing stories, eating a meal or just spending time with each other, we can say that a family lunch is one of the most wonderful things that life has to offer you. Do not let them pass or forget them. Therefore, cook your favorite dishes and spend a time that will remain in your heart for a lifetime.

We are going to give you some ideas of unmissable lunches for this month.

Cargamanto Beans from Su sabor:

Bandeja Paisa: It is normal that in the last months of the year nostalgia knocks on our door and the memories do not want to leave our mind. That is why we want to invite you to prepare those dishes that you need and that have been an important part of your childhood;Bandeja paisa. There is no more traditional Colombian food than this, and in Su Sabor you will find the most emblematic ingredient: The Cargamento Beans. 


Let’s meet in the middle

Those Colombian delicacies that remind you of a family lunch. That Mango Juice that transports you to a Saturday after running through the park, the White Corn Cake that tastes like breakfasts made by mom and the Guava paste that your grandmother served you after every lunch you find in Su Sabor. We know that we live in a continuous evolution, that adapting is a fundamental part of life, but that is not why we must lose all those flavors, sensations and experiences that we like so much. The new proposal for the last months of the year is to meet us in the middle.


Create new traditions without letting go of yours with Su Sabor products. Use the items you already know and serve them on holidays that may be new to you like Thanksgiving or Veterans Day.

What products are we talking about?

Well, here we bring you a small list that may interest you:

1.   Salami Smoke Flavor Added

2.   Black Sausage with Colombian traditional flavor

3.   Cured Pork Sausage with traditional Colombian flavor

If we are talking about the Salami Smoke Flavor Added from Su Sabor we can say it is the perfect aperitif for any gathering. If you have friends that haven’t tried this yet they are going to love it.  You can combine this with the Black Sausage with Colombian traditional flavor from Su Sabor Your guests will be impressed with this traditional recipe. And for an amazing trio you can also use the Cured Pork Sausage with traditional Colombian flavor from Su Sabor which is the original delicacy for this season.

We have been talking too much about solid food but what about the drinks.  Here goes; Juices you must have  

You know what’s a really refreshing way to hydrate yourself? Juices! Fruits have so much water in them, and you can bet that when we add even more than what comes out of the fruit itself. It’s like an instant pick-me up in liquid form (and comes with no calories or sugar). Plus there are all kinds with different flavors; if my mom were here she would make sure I had at least one glass every single time before dinner was served as it keeps her satisfied too. If you’re concerned about the fat in fruit, don’t be! Most of them do not have any and those that do contain very low amounts. The benefits about this are infinite. It’s no secret that many people drink fruit juice to get their nutrients. In fact, the body absorbs them 95% of the time!

Knowing this we can show you our lovely pulps 100% natural:

1.   Blackberry Pulp

2.   Soursop Pulp

3.   Mango Pulp

4.   Passion Fruit Pulp

5.   Lulo Pulp

Nature has helped us for thousands of years. Let’s not miss out on the benefits that fruits bring to us. Here we leave you a guide of what type of fruit pulp can serve you according to what you need.

If you want a really healthy and glowly skin, you should read this:

Blackberries are a great source of vitamins and other nutrients that help to keep skin healthy. The powerful antioxidants in blackberry juice can also protect against sun damage, keeping our cells youthful for longer! Blackberry is a great source of vitamin C, which helps keeps your skin toned and tight. Amino acids are also present in blackberries to help with collagen production.

If you are interested in pregnancy:

Mango is a nutrient-dense fruit that provides the body with high levels of folic acid, which helps to prevent NTDs (Neural Tube Defects) and other pregnancy complications. The mango is a fruit that provides pregnant women with essential nutrients like iron. This helps them avoid anemia and other pregnancy-related health problems, making it worth including in your diet! Mango is not just a delicious fruit, but it also has the potential to replace your sweet tooth cravings during pregnancy. Some say that when pregnant women have their mad fix of cake and sweets they should opt for Mango instead because its healthier than those options in this time frame.

If you have any stomach problems:

Sour Soursop is a fantastic fruit that can be used to reduce the swelling and pain in your stomach. It’s also great for treating gastritis, ulcers or other stomach diseases because of its anti-inflammatory properties! Soursop pulp is a natural source of fiber, with thiamine and vitamin B6. It also contains riboflavin as well.

If you have any heart problems:

The vitamin B1 content of soursop is capable of accelerating your metabolism and blood circulation, preventing nerve damage. It also contains a healthy dose Vitamin B2 which reduces fat storage while taking care for the maintenance in our heart.

If you need a little bit of peace.

Passion fruit is known for both its sedative properties and ability to reduce blood pressure levels. For people who suffer from insomnia, this tropical treat could be the key that unlocks your brain’s gatekeeper. Passion fruit is a delicious and healthy way to cool down on hot days. It has many different properties, such as sedative, calming or diuretic ones. The antioxidants in passion-fruits also protect your body from free radicals that can cause cancer cells to grow!

For strong hair and nails

It’s no surprise that lulo is an important source of phosphorus and vitamin A. It helps in the formation of strong hair, nails, bones as well as promoting healthy skin

Taking care of yourself is important, having fun too. 

In Su Sabor we find a Star product, which brings different presentations, but the same purpose: Take care of yourself!

Guava is a great fruit with many benefits for our health: it is an antioxidant, it has a high content of vitamin C and it helps reduce cholesterol. It also helps with problems like diabetes. Perfect if you have any of those conditions! Guava pastes are not only a delicious and traditional Colombian food, but they also work as the perfect snack between meals. They help control hunger and give you energy in a healthy way. In Su Sabor you can find them in different presentations such as:

1.   Guava Paste Bar

2.         Qubit Guava Paste

3.   Guava paste with Caramel

4.   Guava Paste Combined 

Now you can enjoy your favorite guilty pleasures without feeling guilty. Take care of your health and your family diet with these must-have items. Health does not have to be boring, with the different presentations of Guava Paste you can eat delicious and nutritious food.

Having healthy snacks in the fridge or on the shelf is essential for everyone, especially children. This way, when they get home from school and see something eye-catching, it will be the first thing they choose which is much healthier than chips or chocolate bars. With this idea you will help them maintain a balanced diet.

This is also an excellent choice when we are talking about our kids. Preparing our children’s lunchbox is an important task that we must take into account. Choosing the right snack will keep them having fun at school for hours on end. Guava Sandwiches are a good idea. Remember that taking care of yourself is important, but enjoying yourself is also key.