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Guava Paste and Guava Jelly: From Colombia To Your Kitchen Table

Guava paste and jelly are two of the most popular Colombian sweet foods, so it isn’t surprising to find them in any region or city. However they’re not that well known here in America; Su Sabor wants you to know more about these products with their characteristics, properties, uses etc., we hope this will inspire your next delicious meal or snack at homemade with ingredients straight out of Colombian culture.

Origins of guava paste 

Meet the newest addition to your food rack: Guava Paste. This specialty ingredient is popping up more often in markets and recipes, especially from Colombia! Made of candied guava fruit puree that keeps well with its very flavorful thick consistency – it’s no wonder why this delectable spread has become so popularized across Latin America. While there can be some variation between brands as they all contain different ingredients according to taste preference or availability at the time–some might prefer their paste dryer while others enjoy something softer like fruit leather nice texture-it will always provide an exciting sweet flavor twist when used creatively on everything from meats & fish dishes right down. 

Guava jelly is the same as guava paste? 

Not at all; they are different, but people often mix them, guava jelly is a type of preserve and guava paste made from cooked down fruit. It can be used as an ingredient in other recipes or eaten on its own with some sugar sprinkled over it for sweetness! A popular combination might involve sandwiching the pureed sticky stuff between two slices of bread (or using another favorite food) then top things off by dipping one side into their choice. A very popular combination is a guava paste with an elastic strip of jelly down the middle. The latter can be either soft and gooey or more firm, like toothpaste; it all depends on your taste!

What does it taste like? 

We tried adding guava paste to a cracker and it was delicious! The flavor is deep, with the fruity aftertaste lingering on your palate. In addition to being sweetened naturally by its natural sugars as any fruit does; this one also has hints of creamy sweetness that make for an interesting combination in terms of taste as well as texture-wise when combined with other foods such as chicken wings or tacos al pastor. 

Guava’s health benefits 

Lower blood sugar levels 

Your blood sugar levels may be just a few clicks away from improving with the power of guava! One study found that extracts made from this fruit could reduce inflammation and improve insulin resistance in animals. It sounds like your best option might not always come out as fruity, but there’s no reason why you can’t reap some sweet rewards while following healthy eating guidelines too!

Digestive system 

Guavas not only have a nice flavor, but they’re an excellent source of dietary fiber. The high level of insoluble fibers in guava fruit may help you have a healthy bowel movement and prevent constipation! One juicy fruit can provide 12% or more of your daily recommended amount for good gut health – what do ya think?

Weight loss 

You won’t believe how many calories are in one of these fruits! It’s hard to find a low-calorie snack that packs so much nutritional value. 12% fiber? No problem, because with such an amazing nutrient profile and only 37 calories per serving you’re getting your daily needs covered without even feeling hungry afterward from their filling properties while eating little sugar.

What is guava paste used for? 

Guava paste is a food widely used in Latin and Hispanic meals, thanks to its delicious flavor it can be used as both sweet or savory. Here are some of the ways you could use guava paste with your favorite dishes for friends and family!

Pastry puffs

There’s nothing like a fresh pastry filled with sweet and juicy fruit to make your day better. One way you can use guava paste in place of jam for these decadent pastries is by layering it onto the dough, mixing egg whites along with cream cheese before baking them to perfection! I love topping mine off just a little sugar because they’re that good–the distinct flavor from the guava shines through while still staying true to this great classic recipe.

Filling sandwiches 

Guava paste is a fun and easy way to add flavor without all the fuss. You can use it as an ingredient in many different dishes, like making your sandwich! Try adding some guava paste along with butter and cream cheese so that you have two melt-in-your-mouth loaves of bread when they come out of the oven or grill pan intact.


You can’t go wrong with a delicious slice of this cheesecake. If you’re tired of trying out different flavors or just want to enjoy something really special for your next gathering- give the guava paste recipe a try! The sweet fruit flavor gently alters how we taste our desserts and pairs perfectly in every bite while still maintaining its uniqueness from other types of cakes on menus today.

Where to find guava paste 

Su Sabor is a company dedicated to the production of authentic Latin American products. We produce guava jelly and other delicacies such as hot sauces, pastes for dishes like empanadas or arepas (traditional corn cakes), among many others!

Colombian food lovers rejoice! If you’re looking for something more than just the typical offerings from your home country when visiting America, make sure to check out these unique and delicious items by one-of-a-kind suppliers that cater exclusively towards Colombians living overseas. A tasty way to enjoy the guava of Colombia with its juicy flesh and sweet flavor can be found at Su Sabor!

Guava paste is a sweet and tart filling for pastries or sandwiches. It can also be used as a rich, creamy substitute for cheese in cheesecake recipes. Where to find guava paste? Su Sabor Colombian Foods offers the best quality guavas from Colombia that are perfect for making jelly and pastry puffs with our original recipe! Contact us today to buy high-quality ingredients at reasonable prices.