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With the arrival of December, we are bombarded with recipes and inspiration for our dinner menus. On Pinterest there are a very high number of pictures of how to organize your table or living room space. Clothing stores post all kinds of discount codes available only during this month. Even so, this is really helpful; people forget that one of the biggest problems of this season is stress. That is why we bring you a guide for a perfect Christmas dinner full of happiness and free of worries. We will make sure that peace reigns in your life and in your home.

Black Fruit Cake from Su Sabor:

This December 24th, remember what this traditional evening is about: sharing, loving and thanking. Some of us may be feeling a little bit more anxious than usual as we head into the new year. It is always best when family members share love by cooking together or taking part in some other activity which expresses gratitude towards one another. The days before Christmas dinner are always hectic. We all have those days where our worries about how much to prepare or what kind of dish will be most impressive fill us with dread, preventing sleep for the sake of perfectionism (what a headache!). So here’s an idea, BLACK FRUIT CAKE.

It’s no surprise that the best part about this dessert is how nostalgic it will make you feel. If your family has ever celebrated Christmas Eve together, then there are certain memories shared among all who attended- especially joyful ones involving Sweets. The Black Fruit Cake from Su Sabor is the perfect dessert for this Christmas eve. You’re not only going to avoid the stress of difficult preparations, but you’ll also get a delicious dessert that will remind you of those great moments of your childhood.

Ideal juice for the season:

Su Sabor is all about Colombian delicacies. This time, we’ll introduce you to the iconic juice that cannot be missed on your table- AGUAPANELA made from Dehydrated Cane Sugar – A refreshing and delicious drink perfect for any occasion!

What’s one of your Christmas purposes? Yes, feeling close to home. What’s your drink of choice for the kids when their soccer match is over? What do you think about when eating a delicious bowl of Ajiaco for lunch? That is why we bring you the most traditional juice of all Colombian families. After all, what’s not to love? I mean who doesn’t love a good Aguapanela and this one is no exception. Plus, it only takes minutes from start-to-finish preparing it!

Su Sabor explains to you what’s the real secret behind Christmas magic

Since we are little kids we have mentioned Christmas as the most wonderful and joyful time of the year. As we grow up we start analyzing is not just about the gifts, it is about the amazing company from our loved ones. But, what brings us all together? Food. A good breakfast, a fantastic lunch, an unforgettable dinner is the key to having the most outstanding celebration. It’s not just about getting presents during Christmas, but also having an amazing time with our family. We all sit down to eat together and share some great food that brings back good memories for everyone involved. The holiday season is just around the corner, and there’s no better time to get everyone together for a good meal. That’s why we bring to you this list of Christmas essentials. Get ready for the ultimate foodie experience.

Su Sabor is a company that brings Colombian products to the United States. We have found that our clients feel much happier when eating products from their home country, because it not only reminds them of all those wonderful moments they spent with their family but they also feel connected to their roots. 

One of the most important bases in culture is food, the way in which different dishes are prepared, and the preferences within territories about certain foods. Su Sabor expresses its love for Colombian culture and its importance in global cuisine by bringing to you the best products.

We know that Christmas brings a lot of nostalgia and that is why we want to remind you of the value of traditions and how a bite can generate so many indescribable emotions.


Every family around the holiday season has their own traditions. One of ours is to make doughnuts for Christmas morning. There’s not any other feeling like when you mix your own dough and fry it up fresh! The smell in your house will be so inviting that everyone will want to come out to join in on all the fun. Christmas is a time for family, friends and celebrations and what better way to start off the season than with homemade doughnuts? So don’t wait until it’s too late, give yourself enough time to prepare this holiday favorite now. Get your Mix Ready to go at Su Sabor. Here’s a recipe for doughnuts that even kids can help with.

Recipe of our Mix Ready To Prepare Doughnut Su Sabor

1.   Add grated cheese to the mix.

2.   Then, add water until it forms a smooth dough.

3.   Warning: It can’t stick to your hands.

4. Fill a pot with enough oil and heat it in until the temperature reaches from 293ºF to 302ºF.

5.   Add balls of dough of 1.05 oz in the oil.

6.   Fry until they are golden brown and flow to the surface. 

Really easy and yummy. The best way to spend time with your family is by cooking together. As the kids help you in the kitchen, they will learn new skills and have fun doing it! A great meal can make all of that hard work worthwhile- especially when there are lots of laughs involved too. This is a time in which family union is everything, don’t miss this perfect opportunity.

The perfect way to start this Christmas season is with a sweet treat.

But what would you rather have? A rich and creamy ice cream sundae which you could eat anytime of the year or the warm taste of caramelized sugar in your mouth from an unexpected little package that can make anything better, Cornstarch Custard Mix! The Christmas spirit should remain in our hearts, but there are ways to cultivate it so that it stays alive. That is why we recommend the custard for all those winter afternoons in which a sweet will comfort you. Tis the season for this kind of snack. We can describe this as a delicious, rich and creamy treat that’ll have you feeling like an early Christmas present. If you’re feeling like taking your doughnut game up a notch, then try this combo. The Mix Ready-to-Prepare Combinations will make the perfect pairing for any flavor! We can say that if you take both home you will have the best of both worlds. A bite of salt and a spice of sweetness.

For those who love a little something extra on their Christmas plate, we have the perfect solution. To make things more interesting this year try Su Sabor’s Cornstarch Custard in different presentations:

1.   Mix Ready To Prepare Coconut flavored

2.   Mix Ready To Prepare Caramel flavored

3.   Corn Starch With Sugar Custard Mix Ready To Prepare

These desserts are perfect for when you want to have an extra happy holiday. They’ll take no time at all and will give your body the ultimate sugar rush.

Why are Mixes Ready To Prepare a must on your Christmas list?

Well, as we said before: Time is a precious thing, and in this time of the year we usually run out of it. Mixes Ready To Prepare are the best kind of products in this season because they help you save time and effort. We shouldn’t forget that the Christmas spirit is not just about one night or two, it is about sharing with our loved ones the entire month. You might ask yourself, okay, but what should I offer if I have guests? What’s an easy but cool way to be a perfect host? With this list you’ll resolve all your doubts. Remember that food is the key to happiness.

Mix Ready To Prepare Cheese Bread:

Is there something more delicious than these fluffy Cheese Bread? Of course not. This product goes perfectly with coffee, Dehydrated Cane Sugar from Su Sabor, or a delightful hot chocolate. I mean, everything you can imagine.

Mix Ready To Prepare Empanadas from Su Sabor:

Have you ever been to a party and it was a terrible failure? Food plays a very important role when it comes to any celebration. And we know that there are certain things that can never be absent, good music, fun guests and above all EMPANADAS. Don’t worry, you don’t have to make them from scratch. With the Mix Ready To Prepare Empanadas from Su Sabor you are going to save the date.

Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor is your best ally for the kitchen.

A kitchen without Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor is not a kitchen, but before we start to name all the amazing dishes you can cook with this essential product, let’s mention some of the benefits of consuming Sugar Cane.

Sugar Cane has been a major player in the world of food for centuries. This product is rich in vitamin A, C and B, and provides you with energy because it is fructuous so it will give you the power to get through your day with the best attitude.

Even though there are more than 5,000 recipes where you can use the Sugar Cane today we are going to give you 3 ideas to make your season much more sparkly.

1.   Chocolate cupcake with Brown Sugar Cane

2.   Chocolate cookies with Brown Sugar Cane

3.   Coffee with Brown Sugar Cane

Chocolate Cupcake with Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor:

1.   3 teaspoons Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor

2.   4 tablespoons of wheat flour

3.   2 teaspoons of chocolate cream

4.   4 tablespoons oil

5.   2 teaspoons of cocoa

6.   1 tablespoon milk

7.   1 teaspoon of baking powder

How to prepare this absolutely yummy dessert?

First you have to find a container, suitable for microwaves, then you’ll need to mix and add: the wheat flour with the baking powder, the Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor and the two teaspoons of cocoa, when the mixture is uniform, add the four of oil and the two tablespoons of milk; Stir until you get a smooth and consistent dough, top with the two teaspoons of chocolate cream; take the microwave for 40 seconds and that’s it. Fast and furious to eat!

Chocolate cookies with Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor: 

1.   17 oz wheat flour

2.   1/2 grated nutmeg

3.   1 pinch baking soda

4.   17 oz of Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor

5.   1 egg

6.   1/2 cup milk

7.   Half of a teaspoon of yeast

To prepare this dessert first you have to leave the yeast for 10 minutes with a tablespoon of sugar in 100ml of warm water. Then mix the Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor with the flour, the milk, the egg and the rest of the ingredients, always beating; add the yeast without the water. Roll out the dough with a rolling pin. The good news is that this is almost ready, bake for 45 minutes at 356 °F. Have fun preparing this masterpiece.

Coffee with Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor: 

For the coffee you just have to add the Brown Sugar Cane from Su Sabor. If you use the coffee daily to feel much more active this not only gives your drink a better taste but it will give you the extra boost of energy you need for a long day. Try it, you’ll never regret this new secret for your morning routine.