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The Taste of Colombian Regions without Getting Out of Your Kitchen with Su Sabor

Food and culture

We know that traveling is one of the most enriching and fun experiences ever. But, there are moments in life when it is impossible to take a little vacation. One of the most important parts of traveling is getting to know new cuisines, trying typical dishes, and learning about new flavors that you never thought existed. That is why with Su Sabor products you can be part of this unique experience of traveling through some regions of Colombia without leaving your kitchen. 

Colombia is a country with a high level of biodiversity. Its culture, landscapes, and gastronomy make it one of the most popular tourist destinations. Su Sabor is a company that sells Colombian products, But now, Su Sabor has developed an innovative concept to offer you the opportunity of tasting different regions without getting out of your kitchen. This experience provides customers with the best quality products in order to enjoy its gastronomy and have fun cooking new recipes. Su Sabor offers you all this in one place. 

Our Colombian food is a mix of traditional and refined flavors. It reflects the country’s great biological and cultural diversity, which has many influences from indigenous communities such as the Arhuaco people, Kogi tribe, or Zenu community that have enriched our gastronomy with their recipes for centuries. However, if we want to try Colombian flavors without leaving our kitchen and discover the gastronomy of some regions in Colombia, it is necessary to take into account that each one has its own particularities. For example, the traditional food from Bogota or Antioquia differs a lot from Barranquilla’s dishes which can be a little spicier or the ones from the Pacific Coast which use fish constantly.

In this sense, Su Sabor has developed a gastronomic map of Colombia with all its regions and their typical dishes. In most of them, Su Sabor has products that represent its culture. It will help you know in-depth each Colombian flavor without the need to travel. So if you want to explore every corner of Colombian gastronomy, Su Sabor is your best option!

The six geographic and cultural regions in which we divide the country are the Andean, Caribbean Coast, Pacific Coast, Amazon, and insular regions. In each one of these, Colombian cuisine has different flavors and ingredients.

The Andean Region and the Guava Paste from Su Sabor 

This region is located in the highlands of Colombia. Its food reflects the mix of cultures that have invaded this area over time. It is known for its culture, music, art, and food. The capital of the country, Bogota, is located here. Antioquia and Santander are also part of the Andean region. Some of the most popular dishes are bandeja paisa, empanadas, ajíaco and tamales.

The guava paste is a typical product of the department of Santander, which is in the northeast of Colombia. The guava fruit grows abundantly in this region, and locals have made this delicious sweet spread for over 150 years! The guava paste is a product that has been prepared manually for generations. All their effort and hard work goes into offering consumers the best possible product. Su Sabor has different presentations for this product, but our favorite is the traditional Guava Paste.

Guava paste can be enjoyed on its own as a tasty snack, or it can be used in recipes. It is a popular ingredient in desserts, but it can also be used in savory dishes. Some of our favorite ways to enjoy guava paste are:

– As a topping on ice cream or yogurt

– Mixed into cake batter or cookie dough

– As a marinade for pork or chicken

– As a snack or dessert with cheese 

The possibilities are endless! If you want to taste some of the delicious flavors of Colombia without leaving your kitchen, be sure to add guava paste to your next recipe. You won’t be disappointed! 

Food and culture are inseparable. They go hand in hand and the food tells us a lot about our traditions and history, not only by its flavor but also by how it is prepared and eaten. The guava paste is sweet and the Andean region tends to be colder because of its location.  Therefore this is also a useful, delicious, and practical way to warm up. The guava paste produced in Santander is a traditional food that has been around for many years. There are currently 80 factories dedicated to its production and 500 families who process and market the Bijao leaf that wraps the product. The children in these families begin learning this trade at about age eight, and they share it with their relatives.

The guava paste produced in Santander is known for its high quality and delicious flavor. This is due, in part, to the natural factors of the region, such as the climate and soil. The white guava and red guava are unique fruits that are highly prized by Colombian and foreign consumers alike. That’s why the Andean region is the best place to produce guava paste.

Sweet Palm Fruit in Brine from Su Sabor 

The Colombian Pacific coast has five departments. In this area, we can find large nature reserves and very diverse cultures with the presence of different ethnic groups. Some people who live in this region are known as Choco, Embera, Guambiano, Kuna (and other native tribes). The Colombian Pacific coast gastronomy is a mix of indigenous, Spanish, and African flavors. The unique combination creates an endless number of dishes. Our region is known for its amazing food and there are plenty of things to try! Whether you’re looking for something sweet or salty, there’s something for everyone. 

One of the main products of Su Sabor is the Sweet Palm Fruit in Brine. This fruit is a versatile ingredient that can be used to make different products and it also provides health benefits. 

The Cauca, department of Colombia, and part of the Pacific Coast Region is known for its production of sweet palm fruit in brine, a tropical fruit that has been very important for the Afro-Colombian community since ancient times, the sweet palm fruit in brine is part of their culture and economy. The growing and distribution of this fruit have helped many Afro-Colombian Families. This fruit provides not only food but is also part of the agriculture of the region and it becomes a source of income for many families that sell sweet palm fruit in brine. In some way, selling Sweet Palm Fruit in Brine helps to reinforce their identity. 

Feel the Caribbean coast with the Cured Pork Sausage from Su Sabor

The Caribbean region is a particular place, from the dances like the Cumbia and Mapale to the unique celebrations like the Barranquilla Carnival. There’s plenty of joy in this region, and along with it, we find flavors full of life. Some of the key attractions include the Ciudad Perdida archaeological site, the coral reefs of Isla de Salamanca National Park, and the Tierradentro National Monument.

It is a region known for its gastronomy. There are many delicious seafood dishes, as well as other traditional Colombian favorites. Some of the most common ingredients in the cuisine of this region include sea and river fish, shellfish, beef, chicken, pork, banana, or other native fruits. The most attractive thing about coastal Caribbean cuisine is how much variety it offers. There’s usually a focus on fish and shellfish, but the region goes way deeper than that – everything from spices to rice is used with such incredible freshness throughout this diverse menu!

If you want to feel part of the region where the Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel García Márquez was born, you have to start by eating the traditional Cured Pork Sausage from Su Sabor.

The Cured Pork Sausage has always been a delicacy for the people of the Colombian coast. The city of Soledad is named as the capital of this specialty.  When you bite into this juicy Cured Pork Sausage, it will transport you immediately to the beach. This product could make anyone want to explore Colombia’s Caribbean coast further! But with this gastronomy map, you won’t need a plane ticket to feel at Tayrona Park.

The Orinoquía region 

The Orinoquía is a region in the east of Colombia that has many natural resources, including oil and gas. It’s also home to some incredible dishes like Llaneras Veal (a type of local calf meat), Hayaca Palomar Bread made with flour grown on farms there as well. This region has a fauna that is quite diverse. The typical fauna of this zone includes the savannah deer, chigüiro (a type of monkey), red corocora, and cotudo monkeys. Also found here are tiger skins, black guios or anacondas from the Viperidae family. More than 258 species of fish have been found in its rivers and lakes. The Sierra of the Macarena is a beautiful and serene mountain range in the region of Orinoquía. This is where agrotourism is practiced, and there are many recommended tourist routes to explore. Colombia’s Orinoquia region has a very strategic location. It connects Venezuela with Colombia and is also the point between the countryside and the city. Villavicencio, which is the capital of this region, has the highest number of agriculture workers and the biggest production in all the country. The Cassava Flour Mix From Su Sabor will take you to this amazing region of Colombia. Cassava is well used for any occasion and each time you prepare this ready-to-go mix you will feel the delicious gastronomy.